Frequently Asked Questions

Which catalog should I order?

If your party is fewer than five (5) people, order the Apartment/Villa catalog. With one exception, the houses in the Villa Catalog start at three (3)bedrooms and go up from there. If your party consists of two couples, you would be paying for a third bedroom you wouldn't be using. Two-bedroom houses are rare in Italy, save for the odd cottage. The Apartment/Villa Catalog has some villas, farmhouses and cottages in it.

If your party is five (5) or more people, you should order both catalogs because the listings are different in each. There is no duplication.

When should I go?

May, June, September and October are the best months weather-wise. July and August are hot and most properties are not air-conditioned.

The weather in Tuscany is virtually identical to that of Southern New Jersey, between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. In Tuscany and the North of Italy in general, the leaves on the trees don't begin to come out until mid-April. In the South of Italy, below Rome, temperatures average 5-10 degrees warmer and the leaves come out a week or two earlier.

When should I book?

At least six (6) months in advance; a year in advance for the widest selection. If it's a last-minute trip, email us at Cancellations do occur and we may be able to accommodate you. July and August are always tight because that's the time when people with school-age children can go.

Do I have to know Italian?

No. Most of the people with whom you will come in contact -- waiters, hotel clerks, shop clerks -- especially in the big cities and most-frequented tourist destinations will speak enough English to be able to communicate with you. If you venture off the beaten tourist path, the odds of encountering someone who can speak a few words of English decrease. Take an Italian phrase book with you. The Italians appreciate your effort to communicate in their language.

Is it hard to drive in Italy?

No. Italy has good highways and superhighways and the signage is good, except for on the back roads. Driving in big cities is a real pain, but driving in the countryside is easy. If you plan only to visit the big cities, use the train.